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Vlog: A Sewing Week in my Life

Follow along for a week full of sewing, thrifting, and a quick weekend getaway.

Thanksgiving week is always one I look forward to. I'm usually off of work and I plan my week around the many sewing ideas I have floating around at the time.

While I did have many sewing plans and projects in my mental queue, this year was a little different. I used this time to begin a pattern test for a new sewing pattern from Sewing Patterns by Masin - the Jameela Jacket. I've never tested a pattern before, and the idea of having early access to a new, and what I'm sure will be a very popular pattern, was very exciting! The Jameela Jacket is a shacket type over-shirt, somewhat similar in design to the Ilford Jacket that I've made before. I decided to use this jacket, and pattern test, as a texture and mixture playground. This vlog follows me through the process of sewing a muslin, making fitting changes and pattern alterations, and into the beginning stages of sewing the actual garment.

Besides sewing, I went thrifting - which is another one of my favorite activities! My friend Jenn and I made our usual round, hitting our favorite thrift stores around Gainesville, FL. The week ended in Orlando at an International Festival called Fusion Fest, where I got to enjoy the tastes, music, and art from countries and cultures around the globe.

Vlogging was a new and exciting challenge. I think of it as a digital scrapbook - a great way to look back at past experiences and remember the small things that made it special. It is also a great way to invite you into my life a little closer and to help you get to know me a little better.

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