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New Year, New Habits for Sewists

It's a new year, and I'm ready to take my sewing game up a notch! This means setting some important goals: moderating myself for bigger success, sharpening my design details with texture and color choices – even finding inspiration in everyday objects. Time to bring those ambitions into fruition - the countdown starts now!

Start with Moderation and Preparation

It always feels good to get a fresh start come January 1st—but it's even better when that resolution lasts longer than the Super Bowl. Moderation and preparation might just be our saving grace this year, whether we're talking resolutions or crafting projects. Instead of setting huge goals that seem unattainable, let's break them down into manageable pieces so they don't overwhelm us before February arrives!

Trying to tackle a big project or garment can be daunting, but the key is balance. Rather than waiting for long chunks of free time all at once - let's challenge ourselves and use smaller chunks of our evening hours instead! It's not only mentally helpful, it’s also great for productivity in general – plus it helps tame my perfectionist side too! One hour spent sewing isn't enough time to trigger picky attention-to-details (let's call it that!), so I'll be able to get productive without getting discouraged by any imperfections along the way.

I'm a firm believer that proper preparation is essential for success, and this truth certainly holds up in the world of sewing! I LOVE planning my next project - most of the time I have many more projects mentally planned than I will ever actually turn into reality. I'm always thinking, planning, and deciding on designs, fabrics & notions - so when I do actually begin stitching away there are no surprises or interruptions. Of course, making sure those supplies stay close by keeps the process smooth more last minute shopping trips required!

Focus on Design Details and Texture

This year, I'm moving beyond the basics to take my sewing up a notch. Instead of creating garments that look like they could've been bought off-the-rack at any department store, I'm investing time and effort into crafting stylish pieces with interesting details - think buttons, zippers, trims or pleats – all designed to transform an ordinary project from "meh" to "wow!" In addition, more dyeing, fabric manipulation techniques, and texture creation tricks will also be used in this mission for maximum artistic effect. I'm challenging myself this year to really pay attention to these details and make sure they enhance my work rather than detract from it.

Venture Into the Dark Side

After my color analysis last summer with Your Color Guru, I've been embracing the power of hues - my wardrobe has never looked better! I love colorful and whimsical looks, but my goal is to dig deeper into the darker Autumn hues in my personalized color palette. The dark vs. light analysis amazed me with how the darker colors made my deeper features pop. I think that digging into that darker palette will open up a new world for me. It's exciting to see what interesting looks can be created by combining texture and depth-filled colors. Here’s to diving deeper into dark shades in 2023 – looking forward to embracing their richness like never before!

Be Open to Inspiration

Finding inspiration can be tricky sometimes; we all go through creative blocks where nothing seems inspiring anymore! This year I'm challenging myself to find inspiration—the kind that makes my creative juices flow! From falling leaves and street reflections, to strange patterns and bold colors - if I look hard enough, the world is full of ideas just waiting for me. With any luck these little slices of life will result in some beautiful new projects or garments; so here's hoping the new year brings with it lots of visual delights and design sparks!

Build Community & Share Experience

Sewing is so much more than just the end product - it's about documenting my journey and exchanging those ideas with a supportive community. I'm excited to use this blog as an outlet for connecting creative minds, where we can share our triumphs and misadventures along the way! Plus, Instagram always comes in handy when I'd like extra inspiration or need help making sure that forgotten idea doesn't fade away from memory too quickly. Who says being crafty has to be lonely?

As sewists we should always strive for progress rather than perfection—this is what keeps us motivated throughout the entire process! By setting realistic goals at the beginning of the year we give ourselves something tangible to work towards rather than just vague aspirations that we never follow through with. So here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with lots of creative endeavors! May 2023 be our most productive yet!


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