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5 Winter 2023 Trends You Can Sew Yourself

Get ready to up your winter fashion game this season by sewing yourself some of the hottest looks for 2023. There are plenty of ways to keep your look cozy and comfortable, but also make a bold statement. Here are 5 trends you can sew yourself, plus some great suggestions for how to get started with each one.

Oversized Cargo Pants

For those who love a good cargo pant look, why not take it up a notch? Oversized cargo pants in earthy tones are perfect for winter 2023—pair them with something small and bold like a colorful bag or even an oversized belt buckle. To get started, search online for an easy-to-follow pattern that you can tailor to fit your own style.

For me, the great part about cargo pants is that I'm not limited to using patterns specifically made for cargo's - I can just use any pattern and add pockets! It doesn't get much easier than that! However, in my opinion Mccalls 8206 is one of the best as it has a very classic design, offering clean lines around the waist and hips with a high-waisted fit. Plus, those wide legs make them look even more modern and cutting-edge than ever before. Even though they're oversized, the princess seams at both the front and back ensure they will have a perfect finish. Throw some pockets on there and you have yourself a stylish pair of specially designed cargo pants. Love it!

Keep Athleisure In Rotation

Athleisure is here to stay, so why not embrace it this winter? Cropped sweatshirts and jackets give off that laid-back yet chic vibe while still keeping you warm and cozy. Look online for patterns that have just the right amount of detail so that you don’t have to worry about over-accessorizing when you go out.

Mimi G is the queen of athleisure design, and Simplicity's just-released pattern S9687 proves it. I can hardly contain my excitement over sewing up a stylish Anorak jacket with hood, front pockets, half zipper, and cording options. View B amps up the style even more as a poncho with a half zip and snaps. To complete the look, View C provides comfy lounge pants with drawcords and elasticized cuffs. Talk about slaying the athleisure game! With Mimi G's signature touch on this pattern, I know I'll love wearing it now...and for many years to come.

Embrace Utilitarian Looks

Utilitarian looks will be big this year—think oversized pockets, lots of zippers, and industrial hardware accents. Start by searching for patterns with simple lines like boxy jackets or utility vests; then add details like rivets or snaps to really amp up the look. This trend is all about making an impact without going overboard—so keep the details subtle yet eye-catching.

With an eye to the current trend, I'm determined to make a cargo vest. After much research, I've chosen Simplicity 9651 as my sewing pattern of choice. Yep, that's right: it's time for me to get my sew on with this Relaxed utility vest! It has all the bells and whistles one might need- a zippered front, pocket details, back yoke AND lined edges. Before committing to this tantalizing choice however, I'm seriously considering what the Simplicity 9052 combat or parka jacket offers. This bad boy comes with a waterproof detachable hood, four front pockets along with two length and hem style options. Now that’s what I call style – now let’s just keep the pocket style going!

Go Goth With A Big Statement Piece

Winter 2023 fashion is all about turning those gloomy days into a Gothic wonderland. Think exaggerated shapes and dramatic silhouettes that look artfully put together with textures like velvet or faux fur for added visual appeal & coziness! And don't forget to give oversized sleeves the attention they deserve - imagine slipping on an otherwise average button-up shirt but then having it transform you into a trendsetter in seconds; no sewing required thanks to off-the shelf pieces made just for this purpose (however I always re

This goth trend has me looking forward to the new year! I have my sights set on venturing into a darker side of fashion, yet still embracing my signature copper autumn color palette. Ruffles and Victorian flair have been huge inspirations lately too, which makes it all the more exciting as I plan out how to incorporate them into menswear. Going the extra mile by creating my own textured textiles would only take this look to a new level! It's sure to be a fun, interesting task.

Oversized Coat

Winter 2023 is all about comfort and making a powerful statement. And what better way to express yourself than with an extra-large sweater or bomber? Bigger jackets will not just keep you warmer this season, they'll also make a bold style statement. The boyfriend jeans that have recently entered the mainstream are perfect for pairing with them. Even if the name isn't very gender neutral, we can still appreciate the versatility of pairing it with these larger sweaters and jackets. So whatever kind of look you're going for this winter, don't be afraid to size up in your jacket selection!

Knit Sets

Knit sets are the ultimate wardrobe game-changer! From snug ribbing to luxe cashmere and head-turning jacquard, this trend is taking over soft fashion with an effortless style that's as comfy and cozy as our favorite PJs. This year there are so many must-have options - from classic neutrals to bold colors – but equally striking patterns have made the biggest splash. Vogue Patterns is slaying the game offering architectural shapes, daring necklines and unexpected asymmetrical lines all make a modern statement in patterns such as V1929, V1914, and V1835. Knits aren't just for lounging around anymore; they can be seamlessly infused into everyday streetwear too!


Whether you’re looking for something cozy and comfortable or big and bold, there are plenty of winter fashion trends you can sew yourself this season! From oversized cargo pants to gothic glamour, these 5 trends will help you stay stylish no matter how cold it gets outside. So get creative with your wardrobe this season by giving some of these trendy looks a try! It’s time to show off your unique style!


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